dear internets:

i’m working on something kind of important and I need some help! please answer the following question:

what is the best advice you’ve ever received on relationships, life, and/or love?


if you could give someone advice on relationships, life, and/or love, what would it be?

i’d love your input.

5 thoughts on “dear internets:

  1. Your marriage/relationship may start off with butterflies, rollercoasters, and lusting loins. This will not last- ever. No matter who you are in a relationship with. And that’s okay. What you get in the long run is a best friend. Your spouse is your partner in crime, your team mate. He’s got your back. And he’s also available if you want to have sex :)

  2. communication, chemistry and love are essential…
    you need to listen to what other people think/say about this person, sometimes love makes you too blind to actually see…

  3. The advice I wish I’d gotten but didn’t, and the advice I will always offer is:

    Trust yourself. If your gut is telling you something is wrong in a relationship, LISTEN.

    It would have saved me an ocean of tears if I had followed my instincts.

  4. oh boy, I’ve learned A LOT about relationships in the past year just watching those around me. My parents are seperating after my dad had an affair for 4 years that he kept secret, and just talking to the both of them and hearing their stories has me mapping out my future life!

    The things I’ve learned:

    1) Always communicate. Keep conversation lines open and be honest with one another. Even if the news isn’t fabulous (like a kid doing something she/he shouldn’t, or money being spent when it should) TELL THAT PERSON. You shouldn’t be afraid of “burdening” them (which is a cope out for just plain old being afraid) because when 31 years of secrets come to head…its hard to move past. Plus, resentment builds up and keeps building until it can’t be fixed.

    2) Do your own thing. Have your own interests, your own hobbies…be something other than wife/mom/lover. Go out with your friends, take up a photography class, be passionate about something that concerns YOU and it will make you more interesting. If you bring things to the table, your relationship stays interesting!

    3) Grow towards the same goals, but don’t morph into the SAME person. I hate seeing people confuse this; you can both work towards goals (becoming established, buying a house, a vacation, less fighting etc) but you don’t have to do EVERYTHING the same. I’ve seen couples in the mall literally DRESSING the same and that is just so totally not cool. Keep your own styles.

    4) Trust. Don’t overanalyze everything; just because one guy cheated/left doesn’t mean this one will, and if you’re CONSTANTLY accusing…well, it gets tiresome you know? I couldn’t bare to hear that kind of accusation day after day.

    5) Keep the love alive! Go on dates, be spontaous, be romantic. Even if he isn’t, he’ll pick up the hint. Doing nice things for other people makes you feel good :0)

    um, ya…those are the major ones I’ve learned…

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