my life is thrilling, check it out.

so here’s the deal, internet!

last summer i had bright orange hair (think: lelu from 5th element). although it was fun and different, it was A LOT of upkeep and let’s be honest, i don’t have the time or patience to be dying my hair every two weeks when there is reality TV to be watched, and sitting around on my butt to be done. what i’m trying to say here, is i’m lazy. the dye burns my eyes, i’ve ruined just about every towel i own, and uh… did i mention i’m lazy?

so anyway, when i moved into me and andy’s house last summer (holy hell guys, it’s already been 6 months since andy and i broke up), i dyed my hair black-brown, and keeping up with it has been a total BITCH. i actually had 4-5 inches of roots grown in and i HATED seeing pictures/my reflexion in the mirror, because uh, i’m vain?

so i was perusing the aisles of my pharmacy whilst waiting for this month’s dose of prescription medication to be filled, and i saw a box of bleach and my heart set itself on fire and i totally HAD TO HAVE IT because i’m so sick of my dumb hair. not to mention i hate wearing black when my hair’s black because i totally feel like i’m stuck in the 9th grade and mindless self indulgence is my favourite band. and like, i’ve moved past that stage. sort of.


i decided to go light again before my brother’s wedding (where i plan to go back to my natural hair colour, most likely). also, this is why i’m not allowed in a pharmacy alone. i need an adult.

yes, i’m totally taking myspace pictures in the bathroom at work. HIRE ME! i’m an awesome employee.

this is a far more tame version of the lelu hair i had last year. this is a more conservative lelu, if you will. what lelu would look like if she were to get a job, wear some real clothing, and you know… live in the now.

and what the fuck? i actually kind of like it.

anyway, in other news, my friend stephen and i have been having a star trek vs. star wars battle. we decided to have a marathon and then discuss. so because of my illness i’ve been glued to the couch for like, 4 days, and we started our marathon on saturday.


we made it through the motion picture, the wrath of khan, the search for spock, the voyage home, the final frontier, and undiscovered country without a break! (other than a meat break, ovbs. and no that isn’t a code word for DOING IT, we totally took a break to consume bbq’ed meat). by hour 8 or 9 i felt my mind beginning to melt and i almost called it quits once or twice, but the 6th movie is the perfect place to pause off. we’re likely picking up again this weekend with movie number 7: generations! ohhhh picard, i’ve waited so long.

but for reals… have you had a star trek marathon?! maybe it’s the constant hours of banter between bones, kirk, and spock… but HOLY SHIT, it’s filled with comical GOLD. the voyage home was by far the funniest and that’s where i got hooked again.

i’m beginning to think stephen’s slowly getting sucked in. WHAT UP!

so that’s that. i had a mind-numbing sci-fi weekend and it was glorious.

as for tonight? i finally get internet & cable.

get into it.

6 thoughts on “my life is thrilling, check it out.

  1. I would like the record to show that I had plans to de-lurk and comment on this post way before you got to the Star Trek marathon (I say this because it could be considered difficult to believe) because I absolutely HAD to tell you that according to a FaceBook quiz that I took once my porn star name is actually Lelu Peaches.

    And secondly, I love your hair.

    Ok so for the Star Trek/Star Wars, yes of course, I have done the marathons. We own all 7 seasons of Next Gen and most of the movies (evens of course, because those are the good ones) and while working our way through the Next gen seasons we kept a list on the fridge of the episode names and number of times that Data used a contraction. We are the nerdiest couple sometimes.

    And last night I put the reboot in to fall asleep to, because Chris Pine gives me sweet dreams.

    I have to turn Return of the Jedi off before the last scene because seeing the screwed up “new” Anakin ghost dude makes me stabby. George Lucas needs a damn hobby.

    • LELU PEACHES! hahahaha, amazing porn star name. SO slutty and awesome.

      thank you :)

      okay i haven’t seen any of the episodes in um, forever? but the movies are all super good. some of them are boring, or hard to take seriously (uh, khan? you look like a cross between david bowie and conan the barbarian), but really? (especially for its time) star trek is brilliant. even stephen’s started to agree ;)

      also, the fact that you have a list on the fridge of the episode names and number of times data uses a contraction, is SO FUNNY. best couple ever.

      and mmmmm… chris pine. WHAT UP.

      thanks for de-lurking, sugar.

      – e

  2. Your hair looks great! That color is almost exactly the same as my natural color. As for Star Trek, its great, my boyfriend and I love to lay on the couch and watch seasons of The Next Gen and Voyager and nap on the weekends.

  3. I LOVED your text about the marathon this weekend, seriously laughed out loud that I was that big of a nerd someone elsewhere in the COUNTRY thought of ME when they were watching ST. Haha :)

    Honestly, as much of a Trekkie as I am, the movies are awful!! With the exception of the most recent ones. Except every weekend is a Star Trek Voyager marathon :)

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