this week (according to my blackberry)

lately i have been totally overcome with happiness. i’ve been spending so much time with family, and friends- and of course dan. i’ve been making better decisions in general, and i feel like i’m finally taking a step in the right direction. things have felt stagnant for far too long.

in any case, here are the last few days according to my blackberry!

last weekend, my sister-in-law’s mum was in town so my brother and jo cooked us a fabulous rib dinner. it was nice to have jo’s mum, her brother, my parents, and my brother all in one house for a ridiculous night of feasting and drinking.

my mum… “it’s really GOOD!”

my mum, my brother-in-law, and his mum

my second degree butt burn, roughly a week ago, once it started scabbing

lately, all moose wants to do is nap with his mama… and i’m totally okay with that!

last friday, i went over to my sister-in-law’s best friends place… i drank a whole bunch of wine, and things got pretty silly. there was lots of dancing and singing our favourite guilty pleasures. i’ve been spending lots of time with my brother, jo, and their friends… and i have to say, it’s been AWESOME

it must be the weather, but i’ve had this unnatural NEED to make my apartment feel cozier. the original plan, before we started dating, was to get a bigger, better apartment dan in may. now that we’ve started dating, we’re not quite sure how soon we’ll be ready to actually live together. in any case i’ve already started upgrading a lot of my things, and spending the money and time to make my house feel like home. consequently, i’m now over $1,300 in the hole thanks to this bad boy- being delivered on saturday!

that being said, things with dan have been completely surreal. i came home from work last night to dan laughing hysterically at videos he was watching online. the house smelled so good, because he’d spent the afternoon CLEANING MY BATHROOM. scrubbed the tub, the tiles, the sink, the toilet. i am constantly blown away by how fucking rad he is. of course i knew that best friend dan was the shit, i just wish i’d realized sooner how much more awesome boyfriend dan is. we went grocery shopping together, came home, made dinner and watched a movie before heading to my bedroom for the rest of the night… here he is checking out hockey stats, rubbing my leg, and comforting little moose-baby in his sleep. (moose likes to put his hand on dan’s shoulder when he sleeps on the couch)

i’ve mentioned before that dan works evenings (4pm – whenever), so he usually sleeps most of the day away. when i was getting ready for work this morning, he got up to help with all the laundry sorting, and then walked me to the bus stop for work, just so we could spend a little bit more time together.

have i mentioned how lucky i am?

so, so lucky.

6 thoughts on “this week (according to my blackberry)

  1. Dan seems like a total sweetheart. I am really glad your life is coming together! You definitely deserve it. Love the new couch! I like the coffee table too. Dang, now I want to shop for furniture lol.

    • he is sweet as pie!

      i know- i totally fell in love with the couch. i do have a really awesome giant antique knight table as my coffee table though- and i would DIE before replacing it with some modern piece of junk! i know what you mean though, i totally love furniture shopping!

  2. I am SO jealous of your sofa <3 it's going to look bomb! BUT, you have to PROMISE me that you'll do an apartment tour AS SOON as humanly possible? I've been waaaaaaaaaaaiting! lmfao.

    And Dan is awesome! Can't wait for the four (well, FIVE) of us to hang out this spring! squeeeeeeee!

    • i know, i really have to! i’ll likely have time this weekend once i clean the place top to bottom and get the new couch in :)

      i am also soo looking forward to it! i’ll be sure to plan so many awesome things :) and all you’ll need to do is get your butt down here- i’ll be sure to feed you lovers and douse you in wine.

    • everything IS fantastic right now!

      except my butt :( … most of the scabbing has healed though! but it was definitely a second degree burn so there will likely be a pretty big scar.

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