progress report number, who the fuck cares!

you guys, i am THIS close to having a real living room.

last night, i finally chucked all the garbage and empty boxes we had piling up in there. we were mostly using this space as a catch-all, and it was starting to drive me completely bananas. there is still one kitchen box to unpack and a few things on the window’s ledge to sort through, but for the most part, we’re DONE.

check it out!

you may remember the purchases i made last week, on a whim. i got the rug in the mail last night and it’s AWESOME. it has some shiny pieces of gold and silver fabric in it that totally give it the pop i wasn’t expecting, but am totally happy with! the curtains should come today, and the rest of the stuff i got should be here by the end of the week, or so.

we still have a few things to put up on the walls to complete the room, but for the most part i am totally happy with it! i’ll be getting my couch NEXT WEEK! the one i had my eye on is apparently no longer available, so in its place, i’ll be getting this gorgeous little thang:

… so long as it fits through my front door!

… oh what’s that? you want MORE GOOD NEWS?


our KITCHEN WINDOW should also be installed sometime next week. i can’t even articulate how happy this makes me! we’ll finally have natural light in the kitchen, the ability to open the window for a cool spring breeze, and access to the fire escape landing so we can grow our own herbs!

that my friends, is how you spell success.

i tried to get some real camera pictures onto dan’s computer (because mine is still dead, hanging out at my friend’s house until i can afford a new harddrive), but dan’s laptop is legitimately from the stone-age so i couldn’t figure it out! i’ll ask him this week, but if not… you’ll have to be patient in waiting for the before/after shots.

let’s recap:

new couch? next week
kitchen window? next week
online purchases? this week

it’s about time, dammit!

who lets me have a credit card, round 2


we just have a lot of shelves and nothing to display on them, OKAY?!

first of all… little russian dolls, only instead of russian dolls, they are FREAKING ROBOTS! which is so adorable i can barely even handle it. hi, i’m a twelve year old boy, apparently.

side note: i am also obsessed with owls, so my brother & SIL brought back little russian dolls à la owl, HAND-CARVED in wood. they have little mini baby owls inside of them. SO CUTE.

secondly, i got 10″ wire letters… D for dan, and MYSTERY LETTER for me, because unless you don’t listen to anything i say, elle is my pseudonym so my crazy junkie ex-boyfriend doesn’t find me. it is, though, linked to my real name directly. ouuuu, FIRST HINT!


it’s super cheesy and lame, and i’ve always hated when peolpe had FAMILY, or LOVE, or HOPE, or any of that bullshit on their fireplace mantles, because i am an asshole like that… but in all honesty it’s actually quite cute, and i take it back immediately.

crap, i’m a frigging softie.

D + MYSTERY LETTER sitting in a tree.

or in this case, on a shelf in my living room.

and last but not least, a little bright red runner/rug to tie in the colours in the kitchen. because how frigging adorable is that?

dan actually just texted me this:
“are you a shopaholic?!”


i think i’ve been watching too much big love. nicky’s spending habits got the family $60,000 in debt in season 2.

oh wow, look who needs a life.

i’m not allowed near my credit card for like, a month, okay?

the weekend

this weekend was REALLY productive.

on friday, straight after work, my parents came over and we got A LOT done in the apartment. we painted the hallway (from baby blue, to sage green), and the entire kitchen (from a lemon-y yellow, to a nice mocha colour- the same colour as the living room)

my parents left around 11ish, and i showered quickly, met up with anna, and went out dancing all night. which means i did a lot of this all day

note: dan and i didn’t put curtains up in the bedroom and i LOVE how much sunlight it lets in. it’s really relaxing and comforting to wake up to such brightness

i had to force myself out of bed though, because THIS was being delivered:

my precious

then anna came over so we could cuddle and watch movies all morning. she was also sweet enough to pick up a whole bunch of fruit, yogurt, and juice… so we had a nice, light, healthy breakfast in our jammies. which means we got to cuddle this little guy all day:

anna left to have coffee with a girlfriend, so i got to nap for a few hours. when i FINALLY got around to showering/putting on something that wasn’t my yoga pants, i headed over to anna’s to hang with her, senan, adam, and stefan. we shot-gunned a few shower beers, watched some silly videos on the internet, and then made the twenty minute walk to the scuzziest bar in the city, where stefan made all of us laugh all night

around 2am, i left the bar with anna, jon, and adam and we headed to my place to hangout, watch lord of the rings, and drink until well past 5am.

note: why the hell do i do this to myself?! i am a fucking sadist.

dan and i slept in really late, and i finally stumbled out of bed to make us fried egg sandwiches. he headed off to adam’s to watch the hockey game, and i headed over to my parents’ place for family dinner… where my sister-in-law and i spent hours looking at avon catalogues to spend money we don’t have on shit we don’t need.

“does this colour suit me?!” – jo

i got home pretty late, just when dan was getting home from band practice. we did a whole bunch of laundry, cuddled, and watched big love until 2am.

i have to admit, i’ve been really short and stressed these days, but things are finally starting to fall into place and my finances are sorting themselves out. i’m really happy that dan is so patient with me because 80% of the time, i’m a total headcase.

blah, blah, blah, my boyfriend is the most amazing human in the world, etc.


i hope you babies had a lovely weekend!


who lets me have a credit card?


i sold my couch, so i figured i could dip into my bootcamp savings to buy a few household things to tide me over until i get my new sectional. i can use some of the couch money to pay for my bootcamp, and then use some of my paycheque to add to the couch fund.

check it out, i’m doing math!

i often check the SALE section in online stores because then i feel less awful about the terrible decisions i’m making.

on with it.

i painted our living room a deep mocha/brown colour, and it’s GORGEOUS. the main colours in that room are brown, black, and white… WOAH, I AM SO WILD!

the couch we’re likely getting is a light sandy brown, and all the furniture in there is black, clean-lined ikea stuff. the accessories are all different- a white rice paper floorlamp, also from ikea, my white & black tegan & sarah poster from their show in 2007, a hand-carved elvis portrait in natural wood and painted black wood- you know, whatever!

the window in the living room is AMAZING, and i never really wanted to cover it at all, but i figure one curtain panel (pulled open to the side) would still showcase the amazing details, let in some light, and add a bold pop of … boldness?

so i bought this:

the floors in the house are old hardwood, and although it’s awesome to have floors original to the home, the ARE a little bit rough- covered in paint splatters or scuff marks here and there.

we’ve decided to use the steamer trunk as a coffee table (which doubles as storage for ALL of our linens! … towels, sheets, washcloths, etc). perfect for space-saving and extra storage we DON’T have.

but then i was all… well… i need some sort of rug to go under the steamer trunk that kind of ties in all the colours of the room- not one that MATCHES 100% (because that’s boring), but one that GOES with the room. and it couldn’t be one solid colour because stains and pet hair would be way too obvious (lesson learned in previous houses)

this is me being logical.

(are you buying it yet?)

so i stumbled upon this little bad boy:

and oh my gosh, i really love it.

the living room is the one room in the house i’m DYING to finish and show all of you- mostly because of the whole couch fiasco, and also because it’s one of the nicest rooms in the house! it’s small, but it’s cozy and has loads of character, and i think the things we’re putting in the room will really make it stand out. it’ll have such a comfortable, relaxing feel to it- and it ties in perfectly with our kitchen.

can you tell i’m beaming right now? we are SO close to the finish line and i’m just paralyzed with how excited i am.

thanks for your patience- and you can look forward to some picture posts (before & after) next week!

happy weekend, babies.


– e

a REAL progress report (not just me swearing at everything, sort of)

remember that time i said i was getting a kitchen window put in?

i lied.

i live in a really old house, so when things like windows break, they have to be measured and custom ordered to replace them. custom orders take a few weeks, and then to actually get irresponsibile fuck-head contracters in takes, um, forever. there was a little rain a few weeks back, so they were a whole five hours late. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE AN IDIOT. dan had to head off to work, and i don’t really like strangers in my house when i’m not home, so i turned them away. fine- my fault, but still. when we finally got another appointment (a week later), they were an hour late, and then told us the window was too large.

shouldn’t you know basic math if your job requires you to MEASURE things and then FIT THEM INSIDE of other things? i don’t know, it just seems appropriate.

and so now, we wait. another few weeks for the window to be ordered, and then however long it takes the guys to get to our house to actually replace it.

i have zero sunlight in my kitchen, a cardboard box for a window, and no freaking idea what the hell my backyard looks like. it’s really bumming me out.

in other news, though…


that’s right- it’ll be out of the apartment on sunday, and i’ll have a new couch by april sometime.

tonight, the rest of the apartment is being painted and unpacked, and then all that will be left is the window and couch. that’s PRETTY exciting. it also means we can hang the rest of our paintings and posters on the walls in the living room and hallway, and clear out the leftover boxes that were cluttering up the living room- which has essentially just been a dumping ground, lately.

not to mention, on saturday morning, our new stove will be delivered! i’m most excited about this, because we asked for a smaller one, so we could fit our washer & dryer next to it. then we won’t have to worry about the dryer being an eye-sore in the living room or trying to force it into our hallway closet.

things will really be starting to come together after this weekend, and i couldn’t be more excited to just sit back and ENJOY this godforsaken apartment. (ps: i love you, apartment! i’m just cranky!)

this weekend i’m also signing up for eight weeks of bootcamp! you know what that means? i can wear bathing suits and dresses all summer without slitting my very own wrists. i’m not fat, internet. but i have my mother’s genes, i’m shaped like a pear, and i drink A LOT of beer. i could lose fifteen pounds, tone up a little bit, and be really excited about not feeling like the human blob.

i’m trying not to be unrealistic. i never wanted to be skinny- i love being curvy, and feeling like a woman… i just want my confidence back.

what are my goals? i want to have more energy, and be more willing to leave my house and enjoy the spring when i get home. i want to cook healthier foods again, and not worry what every single human is thinking when i take my pants off at the beach. mostly? i have this really adorable pair of blue high-waisted jeans. i can’t button them, and my thighs are a little too thick for them, so my main goal is to fit into those comfortably. to be honest, i never wear jeans or any pants comfortably unless they’re high waisted- mostly because of my shape and the fact that jeans have just never been my friend.

so there are my insecurities and bleeeergh, i hate talking about that kind of shit, but whatever. i figure if i put it out there, i could really force myself to make the effort and then i can share my results with all of you.

aka nudes.

not really, but yeah, alright, maybe.

wish me luck!


progress report the, uh, third?

a lot got done in the mancave last night!

essentially all that’s left to do is get a couch and a wardrobe for all my clothes… other than that? DONE. i promise i’ll have real pictures when i do before and after shots, but in the meantime this is a super late, super dim picture of what was done lat night:

i set up my sewing area… hung up some pictures of me with my favourite montrealers, and set up my machine on a little black table… i used to have a pretty wonderful sewing table, but i sold it when i moved. all of my sewing stuff and fabric is in a box in one of the cubbies in my expedit bookshelf in the bedroom. HIDDEN! just the way i like it.

secondly, we mounted dan’s milkcrates onto the wall to use as bookshelves, or in this case tape shelves. secondly, we mounted the DVD shelves to store all our movies, tv series, and dan’s video games. i also hung the pippen jersey i got dan for christmas last year. also, that yellow car? LOVE. it used to belong to some old friends and i’ve brought it to just about every single apartment i’ve lived in. i just can’t part with it. and on the wall next to the curtains is a picture of dan and i in our halloween costumes last year, and a few (less naked pictures) of the shots julie took of me for valentine’s day.

it’s not much, but to be fair, the mancave looked like this not a week ago:

now, the kitchen is yet to be painted, but i still managed to make a cute little curtain for the pantry. the colours of the kitchen will be mocha, red, and black mostly… so the fabric i chose is a nice cream colour with hints of black and red. it’s totally shanty and crooked, but whatever! i did it super quick and you can’t even tell that i didn’t measure or pin it.

and our kitchen window is being installed TOMORROW! holy shit ya’ll, WINDOW PANES. frig, yes.

and also, i piled all of the garbage bags and empty boxes in the hallway next to the door so tall you can’t even walk by. do you think dan will take a hint and take it out today on his day off?! i’m a passive-aggressive jerk-off like that, okay? it’s how i get things done!

dan is super lucky to be in love with an asshole.


want, need, must have

… i’ve got my eye on you, motherfucker.

now all of you, pray to the internet lords that someone in this here city will buy my (new) old couch so i can afford this one. i really miss sitting in my undernothings watching criminal minds somewhere that ISN’T my boudoir. and for serious, if dan catches me eating dinner in bed one more time, i think he actually might disown me.