simple pleasures

1. putting alfalfa sprouts in every sandwich i eat

2. beer

3. painting a new apartment

4. the first kiss after a week’s worth of illness

5. seeing a nice picture of yourself pop up on your boyfriend’s cell phone when you call

6. clean towels, curtains, and shower curtains

7. shoes without socks

8. the smell of the air after a brief, cold spring rain

9. late-night tv hangouts with friends

10. kitten cuddles after hours of packing/painting




simple pleasures

1. strangers who smile and say good morning on my way to work

2. vanilla-hazelnut flavoured coffee

3. sinking my teeth into a thick, juicy slice of tomato in my sandwich when i wasn’t expecting it

4. waking up to dan and i rubbing our feet together in bed

5. bacon

6. passionate makeouts with dan, in the middle of the night

7. rekindled friendships

8. sharing wine from a cola bottle in a back alley with friends

9. belted dresses

10. fresh towels